Friday, January 6, 2012

Operation: Wear My Closet

So I am a major shopaholic.  Have been ever since I worked at Urban Outfitters several (well, really more than I'd like to say) years ago and possibly even before.  I have a very full closet.  Even though I get rid of things all the time.  A few months ago, my boyfriend (at the time) told me I have a closet full of beautiful clothes that I never wear.  My first reaction to that was "Nuh-uh!"  But then I thought, maybe he has a point.  I'll admit, there are a few things in my closet that I have never worn.  I mean, where am I supposed to wear a floor length slinky black gown?  (Besides the Oscars maybe, but I'm still waiting on that invitation.  And don't ask me why I bought it.  It's probably not a very interesting story.)  So I decided to make it my mission, to wear all of the clothes in my closet and anything I don't wear in, let's say a year, I will get rid of.  And it's not just to prove my ex wrong.  I do like wearing the clothes that I buy.

This sounded like a brilliant idea six or so months ago when I came up with it, but now I am presented with a particular problem.  I just quit my job.  My job was where I tended to wear my nicer clothes the most.  (This was another problem that the ex had.  Why was I wearing such nice clothes to a job I didn't even like, but when I was around him, who I presumably did like, mostly on weekends, I was dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt?)  So lately I'm doing a lot of sitting around the house and going to the gym.  Obviously, I am not going to dress up for the gym.  So, do I dress up to sit around the house (and go to the grocery store) or just document when I actually go out?  It might end up being a little bit of both.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Just dress down your nicer items with denim or sneakers etc! I really like this idea! I might try it out as well! Great idea for blog chronicles