Monday, April 8, 2013


If you want to get lots of attention, wear spikes on your shoulders.   Everyone will ask about them and want to touch them.  You can also make jokes about impaling yourself in the head.

 photo ec77259f-5441-47f6-be00-ce0cfc8d2a51_zpsab664814.jpg
Forever 21 Spiked Sweater Closeup photo 00d6525c-ab89-4c93-a1f8-e499e24e97e1_zps5f8e45a1.jpg
 photo b05eca8e-83d2-4e30-9260-d6343c545362_zps82c5ca98.jpg
 photo 14927388-1dbf-45cc-b909-263b4d5c91e6_zps2f065d9b.jpg
 photo 377d26b8-dea0-4924-977d-5ebc1be75788_zps1c93830a.jpg
 photo 65cb2b8e-c7bb-489d-84f2-4edb2c1834bd_zps4f1db963.jpg

Sweater - Forever 21, Jeans - JustFab, Shoes - Sole Society