Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Green Day

I went to a wedding on St. Patrick's Day.  I probably had a green dress somewhere in my closet that I could've worn, but I wanted to wear this one, dammit!  To save myself from any errant pinches, I added some green bracelets and a green bag.  I don't know if I would've chosen them otherwise, but I think it's a fun look.  Also, I just realized that almost this entire outfit is from Target.
Lela Rose lead photo a16ed544-a91d-4831-849a-a4588080afb5_zps015ccf2f.jpg
Lela Rose Target dress CU photo 1f280a25-3709-415c-a9f9-4f9b09dfc849_zps60f9d304.jpg
Urban Outfitters purse with Target bracelets photo c36d21d6-378f-47eb-84af-ad367cb8d7fb_zps5e562a3a.jpg
Prabal Gurung for Target Shoes Lela Rose Target dress photo 972292a8-7ef5-4a38-85bd-ef0e6d615679_zps5c693c17.jpg
Lela Rose Target dress full photo 7e3cec69-950e-45d7-b008-0e01b019ef6e_zps47d0e78f.jpg
Prabal Gurung for Target shoes photo f2a3b6c6-308d-4c38-99db-a5e2c96ba237_zps83604671.jpg
Lela Rose dress back photo f3530501-6aef-4721-a642-178276e1415b_zps1c409999.jpg
Scruffles and Punky photo 62b17375-5c87-4720-92af-7c642cc9a23e_zpsab0f28ba.jpg
This is what Scruffles and Punky look like when someone is eating a hamburger near them.

Dress - Lela Rose for Target & Neiman Marcus, Shoes - Prabal Gurung for Target, Bracelets - Target, Bag - Urban Outfitters


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