Friday, August 24, 2012

Way Too Frickin' Hot

So it's been way too hot in L.A. lately.  It's been hot in most of the rest of the country too, but we're the only ones that matter.  Haha.  This dress is a light and pretty and kept me as cool as possible in almost hundred degree heat.  I threw a sweater over it and wore it to work.

I'm Scruffles and I approved this bag.  I still find it boring, though.

We tried to put Punky in the bag, but she did not like it.

Look at the terror on her poor little face.

I swear, I am not a dog torturer you guys.

Dress - American Eagle, Bracelets - Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's, Shoes - Nine West, Bag - Target


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  2. The dog is so cute and you look so pretty & nice outfit! I really like your shoes!

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