Friday, July 27, 2012


I haven't had time to take outfit pictures lately, so I thought I'd do something different with today's blog.  Therefore, it is with great sorrow that I present to you two items that will be leaving my closet, though involuntarily.

This looks like a nice, straw bag, right?  Well it is.  I carry it all summer, as it goes with just about everything.  Unfortunately...

... the bottom has split open.  I've had this bag for years (although it doesn't feel like it) and I probably put way too much stuff in it, so it's not a quality issue.  I could probably keep carrying it for a little while, but it's only a matter of time before it splits open completely and all my stuff goes spilling onto the ground.  The good thing about this is that now I have an excuse to buy a replacement, as I don't really have anything else like this.  And there are a lot of summer sales on right now!


Scruffles thinks these are perfectly good shoes.

There used to be peacock feathers on both of these shoes.  The feathers also used to be not quite so messed up.  One day I wore these to work.  Both feathers were there when I left for work, but at one point during the day I looked down and they were missing from one shoe.  I couldn't even find the missing feather piece, so that I could glue it back on, which I totally would have done, because I love these shoes.  But what can you do?  And now that I look at this picture, they look a little beat up anyway.

So those are two things from my closet that I won't be wearing anymore.  Onward...  

Bag - Guess, Shoes - Urban Outfitters


  1. ah, its always devastating to lose an item from your closet involuntarily. hope you're done some proper retail therapy to find a few replacements!