Friday, June 15, 2012

Simplicity is Beautiful

So this is basically just a black tank top with jeans, but the tank has some surprise lace back.  I think the simple silver bangles complement it well.

The visible bra straps are a conscious choice.  And also I hate wearing strapless bras.

I think I have dog hair all over my shirt.  Hawt!

Special shout out to Steve Robinson!

She hates being picked up.

Tank - Active (from some really cheap store in the mall), Jeans - Just Fab, Shoes - Target, Bracelets - Express


  1. Of all your awesome outfits, this is actually my favorite. It's super hot in its simplicity and looks REALLY gorgeous with your long beachy hair.

  2. perfect casual outfit! love this!

  3. Great a funny congrats for this blog!