Monday, June 25, 2012

Herb Ritts at the Getty Center

My friend Lauren and I went to the Getty Center last weekend to check out the Herb Ritts exhibit.  We weren't sure if we were allowed to take pictures of the photographs, so we didn't.  I guess we weren't feeling very rebellious that day.  The Getty also has some beautiful gardens, so I did take pictures of those.

Lauren let me borrow her hat, since it matched my outfit.  Between the hat and the sunglasses, I felt very vampy.

Cindy Crawford. 
This picture was inspired by the one above.

When you first walk up to the Getty, you are greeted by this naked boy holding a weed.  At first I thought he was holding a rat or a frog.

View from one of the Getty's many balconies, where we took the pictures.


Me enjoying lunch.

Flowers.  (In case you couldn't tell).

Bonus Scruffles!

Dress - H&M, Shoes - Indigo by Clarks


  1. i LOVE the getty, on of my fave places. I love that h and m dress!!!!

  2. Cute pics and I love your blog title, that's what I tell myself everyday!!! :D ps your lunch looks so delish!


    Glam Mania...!!