Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dinner Party

This is actually not a dress, but a top and skirt.  They were worn together in the Jason Wu for Target lookbook and ads.  It looked really cute in the ads, but when I tried it on I didn't get the same effect.  I went back to the ad and it was pulled together with a black belt.  The belt in the ad was thinner, but I really like how it came out with this belt.  I was never a fan of nude shoes, but then I saw a girl trying these on in the store and they made her legs look AMAZING.  So I got some.

Switching back from flip flops to heels.  Sometimes your feet need a rest.

I coudn't resist posting this one, because Lemmywinks looks so silly in the background.

While I was cleaning up after the party, Patty started snapping pictures.  We thought it was really funny, since this outfit is so prim and proper.  Therefore, I present a domestic photo essay:

I couldn't keep a straight face in this one.  Also, sweeping in heels is really weird.

Pretend you don't notice there's nothing on the cookie sheet.

Or that there are no dishes in the sink.

Top and Skirt - Jason Wu for Target, Shoes - Steve Madden, Belt - Image, Jewelry - gifts


  1. I'm surprised how much I like the beige-y shoes myself. And I like the black cat as part of the ensemble:)

  2. A black cat WAS part of Jason Wu's ad campaign, so it's only fitting!