Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day to Night

I wore this tee to work on Friday with my one pair of business casual appropriate pants.  I'm not sure if the shoes work with the top, but I didn't want to be too matchy with red shoes or wear boring black shoes.  And I'd been wearing heels almost all week, so I felt like flats.

Too cool for school.

I switched it up with some comfy jeans and platforms for a night of karaoke.

I just had a bath.  And I really don't understand why these shoes are here.

Top - Express, Jacket - Arden B, Pants & Jeans - Gap, Shoes (both pairs) - Target, Ring - Marc Jacobs, Bag - L.A.M.B.


  1. Haha love that dog. I was about to say- that ring looks like the top of marc jacobs lola perfume- but I see it is by him too! really cute!

    Xo Rachel

  2. It's actually a Lola perfume ring. The top slides open and there's solid perfume inside. I should've taken a picture of that!

  3. That really did well in the day/night category. The shoes were perfect in both cases (I really dig the platforms). I can't pull off a ring like that, but it inspires me to take more risks with my jewelry.