Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reagan Library Part II

In order to get to the Disney exhibit last week, we had to walk through the entire Reagan display, whether we liked it or not.  We had mixed reactions to that.  One thing I learned from this exhibit is that Reagan really liked jelly beans.  Like a lot.  They were all over the place--in the Oval Office, in Air Force One, in the gift shop for sale.  Also, it was pretty cool seeing Air Force One, even though we weren't allowed to take pictures inside of it.

Upon arriving, you are greeted by this statue.

A Nancy Reagan dress.

More of Nancy Reagan's dresses.

Patty gets presidential at the podium.

Air Force One

Taking pictures in front of Air Force One.

Poor horse with no legs! 

And now for those who requested it (mostly my mom), what I was wearing!  We did not get a choice of how we posed in this one, but I snuck in a half Kevin.

Shirt - Forever 21, Jeans - Wet Seal, Bag - JustFab, Shoes (which can't even be seen, but they are green low top Converse All Stars and how dare they cut off my feet?) - Converse